My first dressage lesson with Melanie Byrne was just over twenty years ago. Over that 20 years I have utilised other instructors and have owned different horses. However I have always found myself drawn back to Heritage.

Melanie’s love for and commitment to the equestrian sport is reflected in her teaching. Melanie’s message as an instructor is consistent and classical. Her commitment to constantly improving her own riding allows her empathy for her students endeavours. Melanie’s riding is an inspiration and provides a peak for all her students to aim for.

Melanie and Heritage have taught me to appreciate a wise and patient schoolmaster. The opportunity these schoolmasters provide a student to focus on and improve their own riding cannot be measured. Heritage owns many of these reliable and safe schoolmasters that can cater to complete beginners through to FEI level riders.

Marianne Lichtwark provides such an opportunity for clients. To have such ready access to an instructor of this calibre, training and experience is not something easily found in this country.

Heritage Riding provides a unique service – plus a full size indoor riding facility which in our tropical climate is invaluable. It has the flexibility, experience and facilities to suit all levels and ages of client who are interested in improving their riding.

Yours sincerely

Jacqui Allison

CPA Accountant / Business Owner / Horse nut.


It is my pleasure to provide a review for Heritage Riding.  My daughter, Ashleigh, and I have been riders at Heritage Riding for eight years now.  I have a unique perspective as both a rider myself and the parent of a child who began learning to ride at age seven.  We have always been made to feel a part of the riding school and encouraged to share a sense of ownership for the wonderful horses there.

I have seen my little girl mature in her riding, develop lovely friendships and learn responsibility through caring for the horses that she adores, riding ‘her’ horse is the highlight of her week.

Riding for me is my childhood dream realized, all I ever wanted as a little girl was to own and ride my own horse.  I feel privileged to now be leasing my gorgeous chestnut boy and to be able to care for him and ride him regularly.  Mel patiently and positively guides each rider individually so that each of us experiences success whilst also being challenged towards improvement.

Heritage Riding is not just a business, it’s a second home where everyone feels welcomed and important.

I would highly recommend Heritage Riding to anyone with a love of horses.

Sharon Stuhmcke, Teacher & Academic


I started with Heritage Riding at the age of 9. Growing up I spent school holidays and every Saturday helping out at the riding school. I will always cherish the friendships – both human and equine – and fondly remember the memories we all made there together during our club nights, fundraising trail rides and holiday camps.

At 13 I was offered a lease on Sanj – an Arabian pony. We showjumped, went cross country and off on trails before settling into our dressage training under the watchful eyes of Melanie and Edgar. Melanie helped Sanj and I set off on our competitive dressage campaign, finishing in the top 5 at Medium level at the Qld Young Rider Championships.

I began taking lessons on other schoolmaster horses to get a feel for higher level dressage. At 16 I stepped up to a bigger FEI horse of my own and I was glad to have Melanie and Edgar to guide me through. In grade 12 I represented my school at state level dressage. At 23 I was offered Melanie’s FEI horse Red as a schoolmaster. Growing up watching my coach working with her beautiful horse, I never imagined that one day I would ride him!

So here I am into my 16th year with Heritage Riding. Riding has become so much more to me than I ever imagined. Something wonderful happens horse and rider share complete mutual trust – at any age or level. It is a gift that I don’t think you could find in any other sport.

Riding has given me excellent fitness, confidence and body awareness and taught me patience, poise and discipline. Most importantly of all, riding has brought me immeasurable joy as I continue to learn, perform and grow partnerships with my horses and coaches.

Alyce Holzberger


Since I stopped riding 7 years previously, I was keen to start back and also for my daughter to learn and hopefully develop my passion for the horses. I vaguely remembered there was a horse riding centre at Thornlands – so I went looking.

Upon arriving I was greeted with the normal hustle and bustle one associates with horses and felt immediately at home. Riding in the indoor arena were a couple of girls training some Elementary and Medium moves and I was hooked. Most impressive was the fact that a lot of the people there had been riding here with Mel (the owner) since they were young kids – and they were still there! As adults! And they were all such beautiful riders that I knew I was at the right place.

My daughter was taken into the outdoor arena and shown through the basic steps of being around a horse.

12 months later both my daughter and I are still here and loving every minute of it. I expressed my interest to Mel about having our own horses and she immediately started searching for the best possible horses for us. She found us both the most wonderful horses that couldn’t be more suitable. The advice, support and one on one attention we have both received from Mel, Rob and the instructors has been inspirational. Plus we also get monthly clinics with German instructor Marianne Lichtwark.

We have both learnt so much and my daughter practically lives there. The confidence she has now has even carried over into her school life and her marks are much better. She has a wonderful circle of friends that share her passion and she spends most of her time outdoors in the fresh air. She is developing into a very strong rider under the careful instruction from Mel and the staff, and she will hopefully have her first comp this year.

To be around such an accomplished, dedicated rider as Mel is a privilege that I relish every time I am there. And to watch her train her own FEI horse makes my own dreams seem achievable.

I am so thankful that Heritage teaches such a high level of riding and care for the horses – and that is being taught to the upcoming riders. I can’t wait to see the level of dressage in Qld in another 5 years

Annette Linney