Riding Lessons

Heritage Riding and their 33 School Master Horses cater for all Levels of Junior Riders from the complete beginner to the competition rider, competing in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing.

It does not matter if you are a “first timer” or you are a current Junior Rider wanting to gain more competitive skills in Dressage or Jumping. We have a Horse/Pony and Qualified Instructor that will suit your needs, and give you a SAFE, FUN, and ENJOYABLE experience.

Our lessons are generally 30, 40 or 60 minutes in duration and all riders are given an “Assessment Lesson” on their first visit to assess the best way to progress with a program thereafter. Many of our young riders ride once a week, or up to 5 times a week depending on their training aspirations.

All riders are placed into group lessons of between 2-6 riders according to their Level, and this allows students to benefit from the social interaction with their peers and learn from each other within the group in a supportive way. It also keeps things fun and interesting. Private Lessons are only conducted when the Student/Horse need more “one on one” attention.

Heritage Riding starts children from 5 years of age, and early lessons are taught with patience, understanding, enthusiasm and firmness from their Instructor.

See our Beginner Options by clicking on the GIDDY UP CLUB.

In early lessons they are taught to:

  • Lead and control the pony on the ground.
  • How to mount/dismount.
  • Basic riding position and use of the aids (rider communication to the horse ).
  • How to steer left and right, stop and go.
  • Utilise games to help embed the skills they have learnt in a fun way.
  • Then they go on to riding without the help of leaders, steering on their own, walk, trot, and later canter and progressing to jumping.

More Advanced or Experienced riders are also given an “Assessment Lesson” and then are placed into a group which is suitable to their level. These riders can then progress to a more systematic approach to training at a more competitive level on the Flat or in Jumping.

Our well Qualified Instructors and selection of Schoolmaster Horses up to FEI Dressage and Jumping can provide you with a plan to get you achieving your goals.

If you are ready to “move on”, and have the desire to Compete, see further “Training” options that Heritage Riding offers for the more Experienced Junior Rider by clicking on our TRAINING page.

As a parent of a child wanting to learn to ride, you may ask “What does horse riding do for my child?”

We believe it gives the opportunity to:

  • Interact safely with a large animal as well as providing engagement with nature and the outdoors.
  • Teach mutual trust, respect, responsibility and humility.
  • Improve fitness and co-ordination. Riding requires the use of all muscle groups.
  • Develop friendships / relationships with other riders.

Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, informative, learning experience. We hope to see your “pony mad” child soon!!